Sunday, February 15, 2009

A brief hello.

Me feeding Josiah

Gettin some Cindy/Katie time.

More cuddling with this little guy.

I just thought that I would write a quick word or two from the cold and rainy NW. This weekend has been really great, I have enjoyed my time with my dear friend Cindy, her husband Jason and their little guy Josiah. I have to say that after spending time with Josiah this weekend if I did not already have my own little guy on the way, I would be coming home demanding that we have a baby. He is absolutely precious and I have loved holding him and seeing Cindy be a mom. I am coming home with a suitcase loaded with baby boy clothes and some inspiration to begin preparing for my own little guy to make his appearance.

It has not been all that fun being with out Joel this weekend. This is the longest that we have gone with out talking. I guess it is true what they say "distance makes the heart grow fonder", at least it has been true this weekend. But I have had something to look forward to every morning when I get to pull out his latest letter which sometimes have some funny drawings on them and always bring a smile to my face. Moral of this story: I love my husband and I miss him so much.

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