Sunday, February 8, 2009

Maternity or not maternity

So this weekend I had the goal of attacking maternity clothes shopping. I swear last week the baby had quite the growth spurt because all of a sudden more and more of my clothes were not fitting. I finally had to resort to the rubberband trick on my jeans on Friday. So I thought I would share about my maternity clothes shopping experience and share some pictures of my new purchases. Friday night Joel and I ventured to Motherhood Maternity because I have heard that their jeans are really comfortable. Can I tell you the initial response of the sales woman? She was shocked I was even pregnant (this seems to be a theme the rest of the weekend shopping). So after trying on a large stack of clothing I found a few things that were going to work, one being a tank top that is nice and stretchy and long, the other a very cute red polkadot dress (I did not purchase jeans). After that experience we decided to call it a night.

On Saturday we found ourselves in the area of Chandler Mall which is the only mall that has a Gap that sells maternity clothes, so I thought I would check it out. This experience was much more helpful even though I walked out of their empty handed. I tried on a number of things and then after realizing that they did not have small enough sizes for me, decided I would order some things from Gap online. So I came home and ordered a pair of work pants and one pair of jeans. Hopefully these will come in this week, especially before my trip north next weekend.

Today I decided to venture back to the mall and check out a store that we had seen on Friday but been too tired to really look at. It is called DownEast Basics and though it is not a maternity store I noticed that they had very simple clothes that were long and looked like they would stretch. You see, besides my stomach I have not grown in any other place. So I can wear regular shirts as long as they are going to grow with my belly. I was very pleasantly surprised with what I found. The young salesgirl was very helpful and I came out with a few pieces that I think will get me through the rest of my pregnancy and I will even be able to wear these things afterward. I will probably frequenting this store more in the months to come as more of my clothes cease to fit. I did go through my closet today and boxed up clothes that I know will not be fitting into much longer.

So after a weekend of being tasked with something I was dreading, it turned out ok in the end. Luckily Arizona will be getting very warm in the next month or two and skirts and dresses will be my daily outfits out of neccesity to stay cool.


  1. Katie don't worry too much about buying maternity clothing until the very end. I only have a few maternity clothes...2 pairs of shorts and a couple of tops that fit me in the end of my pregnancy with Brynn. Both with Brynn and now Owen I have still been able to wear everyday normal people clothing including pants. You just have to look for the clothes that are longer and stretch a little :)

  2. Yay! You look great! I love the red dress, and the white baby doll is super cute. You can totally wear that after you have the baby. I guess we're lucky we're living in a time when the baby doll shirt and empire waist are so trendy!

  3. i see a baby bump!

    you look adorable :o]...and once that baby bump starts, it grows exponentially every day!