Friday, February 20, 2009

Prayers for My Son

Leadership -  that my son would be proactive, not passive; a guide and influencer for others; a man who steps up when no one else will, willing to take risks and do what's right.

Integrity - that my son would be a man of character; that his yes would be yes and his no, no; that he would own up to his mistakes and learn from them; that he would have self-control, self-awareness, and an authenticity worth emulating.

Purity - that my son would seek purity from sin throughout his life, especially in his sexuality; that he would be marked by an attitude of repentance and confession.

Teachable - that my son would be a constant learner, a humble soul, a man who seeks out counsel from wise mentors in his life, listening to a diverse mix of views and discerning what is best.

Jesus - Over and above all else, that my son would love and follow Jesus with everything that he is, with a deep love for God and for people, and a passion for the kingdom of God.

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