Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Randomness: Dreams

I had a vivid dream last night where I was in a Starbucks in Portland sitting outside at a cafe table with my former Resident Director from Multnomah, Ryan. I haven't seen or spoken to Ryan in years, but he was definitely present. In my dream, I got up from the table, went into the Starbucks--which was located in the basement of a building, so I had to go down some stairs--and purchased a tall white hot chocolate with raspberry syrup for Ryan and a grande Americano for myself. I went back outside, where two guys in their mid-twenties at an adjoining cafe table were getting angry at Ryan for something as I was walking up to them. Then I woke up.

I had another dream about a month or two ago where I and John McClane (from Die Hard) were running through an apartment building chasing a perpetrator. We both had guns, and we chased him down a stairwell and outside, where he ran down the darkened street and jumped into the passenger seat of a minivan. I ran up to the window and yelled for him to get out, but he pulled a gun on me and was about to shoot me. Then I woke up.

Dreams can be some of the strangest and most intriguing aspects about the human psyche, and when I dream something as vivid as the ones above, I make a point to tell someone or write it down. Who knows what it all means. Maybe I'll email Ryan this week and see if he wants some Starbucks.

What's the most vivid or memorable dream you've ever had?

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