Monday, February 9, 2009

Upcoming Travel

This next week, Katie and I will traveling quite a bit, though in opposite directions. Katie will be flying up to the northwest this Friday to see friends and family in Olympia, WA, especially Cindy and Jason and their new baby Josiah. As for me, I'll be waking up ridiculously early on Friday and traveling with about 150 people from Red Mountain to Mexico. Over the course of the weekend, we'll be building 5 houses for 5 Mexican families through Amor ministries. Our friends Bob and Charity are leading the trip; they're part of the junior high volunteer team and their heart for serving others is contagious.

This isn't the typical "go build a house in Mexico" mission trip. At least that's not our plan. We have around 35 junior high students coming with their families to build these houses together. My prayer is that this would not be a one-time event, but a catalyst for living a sacrificial and missional lifestyle. We don't want to compartmentalize our spiritual lives, assuming that one trip a year fulfills our Christian duty for serving others. Rather this will be an opportunity for families to serve other people together, to dialogue about what it means to serve their neighbors at home, and to equip and empower the junior high students to serve like Jesus every day of their lives. Plus, we get to make concrete and hammer stuff. :)

Keep us in prayer as we travel this weekend!

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