Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Bump

I think that yesterday was the official 6 month mark in this pregnancy. Why I say I think, is because the whole weeks and months thing doesn't really seem to add up. Anyway, I am 23 weeks, which I believe is 6 months, or somewhere close to that. Not much has changed in these past few weeks except for that our little guy is growing like crazy. I all of a sudden have quite the belly and I can often feel him on both far sides of my stomach at the same time which makes me realize he is long enough to kick and punch at the same time and it is hard enough that I feel both. We have enjoyed starting to see his movements if I sit really still. Joel is always anxious for him to come out and play, which I often have to reply that I think he is sleeping.

I have been feeling decent these past few weeks. I managed to go two weeks with out getting sick, but then much to my disappointment it returned. I am not sure if he is having a huge influx of hormones or what, but whatever it is is enough to make me sick to my stomach. Oh well, at this point I am assuming that the next 17 weeks will be like this. I always like to prepare myself for the worst, the theory of reverse psychology that I learned from my big sister in high school when thinking about a test, always assume you got a C and then be glad if you did better.

I have been able to keep up with exercising this past month, ironically, I think I am logging more miles than I did pre-pregnancy, they are just different miles. Instead of running a fast 4 or 5 miler every other day, I am doing more of the walking/running combo somewhere between 3-5 miles every day. I have come to enjoy walking almost as much as I love running. A few times a week I will try to get in some good running, but often times it gets uncomfortable and I end up running for a mile and then walking the next and continue on like that. I have noticed that getting in my 3-5 miles a night is pretty important to my energy level.

The final thing that has been happening these past few weeks is the preparations. I haven't actually done much but I have thought about it a lot. =) We did move some furniture around in our house so that the guestroom now has enough room for our little guy. We have no furniture for him, it is just an empty space. My awesome new brother-in-law happens to be very handy when it comes to woodwork and he has offered to make us our crib. I am absolutely ecstatic about this because it will mean so much more to us because it was handmade by family. My mom and sister are also going to be making a trip down to visit in April and we will be doing a bunch of decorating at this time. They are going to help me find an unfinished dresser and they will stain/paint it. There are a number of other exciting things in the works which is great because I hope to have his room done by May. June is very busy in both youth ministry and in my job plus it will be so hot and I will be big so I doubt I will feel like moving.

A few of you have been asking where we are registered. At this time, just Babiesrus, and it is a little rough, but it will give you a good idea of how we are going to decorate. I hope to firm up the registry thing in the weeks to come.


  1. so proud of you for logging all those miles- that's awesome it is helping with the energy level. we need to figure out the shower next... asap b/c i can't wait to have something official to plan for!!

  2. I didn't get a chance to comment on your blog about things I would recommend as a mom so I will post it here...
    The one thing that I think helped me a lot if you plan on making your own baby food is the Magic Bullet blender. That thing is amazing. I bought a food processor for big batches of food but I use the bullet more often.
    That is the only thing I recommend because I know every mom has a different opinion and it can get overwhelming. Hope this helps! (or it can be useless if you dont want to make your own food )

  3. Tirsa,

    Thanks for that suggestion. I have always thought having one of those would be great but didn't even think about having one for making baby food. I think I at least want to try to make my own baby food, try being the key word. Thanks for the good tip!