Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday at the Movies

Friday is my official day off, which means that I'm not expected to come into the office (having a "day off" in ministry is kind of an oxymoron). Katie is at work and all of the junior high students are in school. So every available Friday, I go to the theater and see a movie by myself.

Well, I'm not really alone, per se. I am joined every Friday afternoon by a host of the gray-haired populace here in the Phoenix valley. The average age in our nearly empty theater is probably 60, lowered only by my mid-20s presence. Watching a film like Gran Torino or Doubt with the aged is a unique experience, as they offer a much different perspective on films than myself.

I love my Friday afternoon tradition. It's like a brief 2-hour Sabbath I have every week to unwind and be refreshed.

What do you do to find refreshment during your week?


  1. I pretty much do the same thing as you. I find the theater is a great place of refuge for a few hours, or I will hide in my home office and lay on the couch with a few good books for a few hours.

  2. that is awesome!!! =) i bet they love having you there too...if they can see you...ha ha JOKING!

    when i am not overwhelmingly exhausted, go for a run outside in the warm sunshine. therapy.