Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I need some answers

Ok, so I have been thinking the past few days about preparing for this little guy. So I wanted to pose a question for you moms whether new moms or not (dad's are welcome to answer too). Because of my limited experience especially with newborn products I need some help on knowing what is helpful and what is not. Here are the two questions and if possible try and keep it to one answer for each.

1) What is one thing that you bought/received for your little one that you cannot imagine living a day with out? If it is a specific brand or something, mention that.

2) What is one thing that you bought/received that you thought was going to be the greatest thing ever but turned out to be a big waste of money? If it was something that broke or just did not function well mention what happened to it and if it was a specific brand mention that too.

Thanks guys for all your help with all of this. It is really nice to have great resources to try and figure out some of this kind of stuff.


  1. My must haves:
    1. A swing. Totally saved me. Both of my kids would have lived in it if I had let them
    2. The Mighty Tight. It tightens your car seats in where they won't move ... not a bit. And it makes it easy to move car seats between cars.
    3. A formula separater. I nursed but you really must have one of these for those times at church, or with a sitter or whatever.
    4. I beautiful, flowery pillow case. This doesn't have anything to do with the baby ... but only with you. Take it to the hospital for the delivery. You will look fabulous in all of the pictures. Trust me!!!
    5. Baby Einstein Videos. This will buy you 30 minutes to shower and get ready ... totally priceless!

    Do without:
    1. Bouncy seats. Neither of my kids would stay in those more than 5 minutes.
    2. Mobiles. I think they were pretty pointless. Neither cared one bit about them. And I had the super nice ones.
    3. Baby backpacks or carriers. They killed my back. I wish I had tried a sling. Jud did lots better with the carriers.

    There are my two cents! :)

  2. favorite(s)

    *boppy (for nursing, saves your back!)
    *my ergo carrier

    do without? probably a million things. if i could do it over again when i started with zane, i would do it so much more simply. just because.

  3. so...i'm in thinking in terms of 0-6 months on what's really useful and what's not...i'm sure this will change as she grows older.

    things i love love love:
    1. moby baby carrier - not only is it comfortable, but it's inexpensive...i wish i'd had it when she was a newborn. i would've been SO much more productive!

    2. Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo - not only does this awesome contraption keep her entertained so i can eat breakfast, but she LOVES it! and, i can tell we'll be using it for the long haul.

    3. Hooter Hider - my mom made me my very own in the fabric of my choice. it was way cheaper than the actual name brand one, but i tell you what - i get to hang out in the same room with people continuously, i can nurse with my dignity still intact (think your over the shoulder nursing blanket falling while your child squirms...at a restaurant...during busy lunchtime hours!).

    Waste of $:
    1. Crib - felicity's crib is nothing more than a glorified stuffed animal holder. we never use it. ever. ok, maybe for changing a diaper. i wish we'd have bought a co-sleeper instead...or an amby bed. either one would've been put to actual use.

    2. SwaddleMe Blanket - unlike most newborns, felicity hated to be swaddled. it was not soothing for her, actually, it'd make her REALLY mad. so, these blankets were not at all helpful.

    3. Travel Wipe Warmer - nice concept, even with a plug in for the car...probably used it 2 or 3 times, though.

  4. Must haves:

    1) Munchkin brand- not sure what it's called, but it's like a basket you put in the dishwasher and it has a place for baby spoons, another part for nipples, and rings and stuff. Saves you from having to search all over the dishwasher after all those little parts have been thrown about!

    2) Wipes warmer- Julie fussed a LOT less especially during middle-of-the-night changings when her wipes weren't so cold on her little tushy.

    3) My mom and I made a sling (really easy to make- let me know if you want one!) that Juliana really loved to nap in. She even slept in it for 6 hours once at only about 4 weeks old!

    4) Nursing cover- I never got a chance to use it because my cousing forgot to send it until after Julie had stopped nursing. But I was always struggling with blankets when I had to nurse in public, especially because I had to use a nipple sheild (hmm, probably TMI) so I know this probably would have been a life-saver if I had gotten it in time. Also probably pretty easy to make- if you're interested, I'd love to make one for you!


    1) Not really something you buy, but they gave us two free diaper bags at the hospital with samples. I had already bought one because it was cuter. I gave one of the free ones to my mom hoping she'd use it when she took her, but it was just so much easier to give her my bag and take out the wallet at keys. It's currently collecting dust in her sewing room.

    2) I didn't really buy this one either, but it was a waste of time. I saw something called Diapees and Wipees at Target and made one. It's a cloth pocket type thing to put your wipes case and a few diapers in. Really pointless. No idea what made people think they couldn't just stick the items in a diaper bag or purse, but instead had to spend ten bucks on some stupid cloth thing.

  5. Definitely could go without those cutsie spit up rags... You may as well just put a paper napkin on your shoulder as it is the same absorption. The actual cloth diapers that you see people use when the burp a baby are ugly, but they WORK and absorb the spit up. And you can never have too many. I hated re-using wet smelly ones =)

  6. Thanks ladies, these ideas are so helpful. I will definitely be writing this stuff down! I will also be doing some research because to be honest half the stuff that was mentioned I have never even heard of, thank goodness for the internet!

    Bethany, I would love to have a sling and nursing cover and if you can make them that would be even better! Let me know if you need anything else from me to be able to make these. I am so excited now!

  7. Sorry I'm just getting ove to this but must haves....
    1) sling and a swing for sure!

    do not but....
    2) baby wipe/bottle warmers. (why spoil the sweet little thing at home and then rock his little world with cold everything away from home.) I say room temp from day one and that sweet little baby will never know he missed a thing and life will be much simpler for you!

  8. must haves: 1. a boppy
    other notes: really consider which stroller you are going to get because you use them ALOT! Also the dr. brown bottling system is difficult to clean AND they leak. Avent is better.

  9. Although I'm not a veteran I'd like to just add that you should definitely invest in baby wipes. That's W-I-P-E-S. They have worked so wonderfully for me in the past few weeks when I finally decided to fork out the money for them. I mean, going to restaurants in SO much easier now - because they really pack for travel well. The wipes seem to be a lot softer compared to the restroom wall.