Thursday, March 12, 2009

IJM at the White House

International Justice Mission, an organization devoted to defending human rights and defeating sexual exploitation and slavery around the world, recently got to meet with White House reps about justice issues.
IJM President Gary Haugen, accompanied by Holly Burkhalter and Bethany Hoang, visited the White House on Friday, February 27, to deliver a letter to President Obama signed by 7,200 IJM constituents. The letter calls upon President Obama to make the abolition of sexual violence, trafficking and slavery a priority in his Administration. In particular, we encouraged him to designate foreign assistance for the development of public justice systems in poor countries that will respond effectively to violence and exploitation of the poor.
It's great to see people who love Jesus seeking justice in practical and life-altering ways, taking action to promote justice issues at the White House level. Let's hope this makes a difference and our President follows through with his commitment to change.

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  1. Yes, that's all well and good, but I think we need to address the more important issue at hand- the fact that someone named Bethany was in the news. Awesome name, lady, awesome name.