Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Youth Pastors Learn Batman Techniques

That's the headline for this news piece about a church hosting a class on safety and security issues. The youth pastors learned the Keysi Fighting Technique, a street fighting defense technique used in the recent Batman films. Marko wrote a little about it here. So did Tony Jones. (Somewhat silly) money quote:

"I don't think as Christians we're meant to be just stomped on."

It brings up a conversation about violence, self-defense, and the whole "what would Jesus do?" question. I had a recent conversation with my 7th grade boys small group about fighting after I shared a funny story about a recent outburst at a church softball game. (A guy in his 40s on the opposing team got in the face of one of our player's and was ready to "throw down" and fight him. The reason? Our player had accidentally run into the second baseman. I literally laughed at the guy, until I realized that he was serious.) Out of the nine boys present, seven of them had been in fights that were beyond just pushing or yelling, i.e. punching someone in the face. Every guy explained that the other person had started the fight.

All of this raises the question: when is violence as self-defense appropriate, if ever, as a follower of Jesus? As a Christian and mentor for a group of junior high boys, how do I guide them to making wise choices when they're next confronted by someone who wants to fight them? What Scripture do I point them to? What happens if a violent person attacked myself or a student during youth group? I've blogged a little about violence at church before, but this is becoming even more personal for me. How I do I model a Christ-like approach for these 7th grade guys?

Any thoughts?

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  1. We had a full day of deescalation and self-defense training at work last week for similar reasons. We want to be servants, but also be able to protect ourselves from our participants because they can be unpredictable and employees have been getting injured. But that wasn't from a Christian perspective.