Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catalyst Blogging: Fire Hose

I listened and learned from seven passionate, diverse, gifted speakers today at Catalyst, worshiped with two (maybe three?) different worship bands, met with old and new friends, and had lots of conversations about ministry and leadership. My brain is now overwhelmed. It's like drinking from a leadership fire hose. And there's still one more day! I'll write more about it tomorrow, but for now, I'm content with just letting my thoughts and emotions percolate.

Still, here's two quick highlights: meeting up with two of my best friends, Brian and Gabe, for dinner and catching up on life; and meeting up with Lori Wilhite beyond the blogging world. Yeah, those highlights have less to do with Catalyst and more to do with relationships. That's exactly my point. I can learn from 8+ hours of leadership content and info, but relationships are what I live and breathe. People rock.


  1. Getting to see you was one of my highlights too. And I have to say ... you look just like your pics ... I totally recognized you. Can't say the same for some of the others I met over the last two days. :) Although I bet I don't look the same either.

    What a great conference! My brain is in overload too! Be safe getting back home!

  2. Well, good to hear that. Congratulations to you. I enjoyed reading this post. Nice topic.