Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catalyst Blogging: One More Thing

This thought from Catalyst probably should have been included in the previous post, but here it is nonetheless. 

The theme for Catalyst West Coast was "You Are Here." It implied that we were to be present, to engage, to focus on the moment instead of becoming detached or distracted. So I found it ironic to see so many people taking cell phone pics or Twittering throughout the Catalyst experience. I find this similar to people who take exorbitant amounts of pictures while vacationing and traveling. In their desire to capture that moment for their memory banks, they actually miss out on being present and fully experiencing that moment. Which is more beautiful, a picture of a sunset or the sunset itself? The former can be captured and viewed again and again, but the latter, though brief, is grippingly transcendent. It's nearly impossible to engage in worshiping our God while taking a cell phone picture of the worship band.

I admit, I was tempted to bust out my cell phone to capture pics of Mariners Church, Hillsong United, and various experiences we had. Yet I wanted to truly say "I am here" instead of "I am taking a picture of here" or "I have posted about here on my blog." I'm not making a judgment call on those who blogged, Twittered, or snapped pics of the experience, but I do wonder if they missed out on something valuable in that moment. 

In our desire to make sure we remember our past experiences as we enter into the future, we often miss the reality of the present. You are here, right now, in this very moment. Experience it. Be present.

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