Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Going...

...to Catalyst West Coast in one week. Here are the top 5 reasons I'm stoked about this gathering of leaders:
  • The quality and diversity of speakers. Some of the authors and preachers that have greatly influenced my ministry mindset will be gathered at one place for two days, so I anticipate being challenged and shaped by their words.
  • Worship. Hillsong United will be leading the worship for the sessions. Engaging in worship with a few thousand people passionate about Jesus will be a powerful moment.
  • Origins. The currently named Origins Project is a brand new network of missional church leaders. April 22 will be a kind of kick-off for Origins with lab sessions led by even more of the authors/pastors that have influenced my thinking. Pretty sure my brain and heart will be brimming over.
  • Dialogue. Mark and Andrew will both be joining me at Catalyst. I'm looking for to our post-session conversations about life, ministry, God, and culture. These are two guys I love doing ministry with, and I'm sure our conversations will be fruitful and engaging. It's also an opportunity to meet and dialogue with other leaders from around the country.
  • Friends. My friend Gabe is a graduate student in the Los Angeles area, so it'll be good to reconnect with him. My best friend Brian will be in Palm Springs that week and he's actually driving out to Irvine to hang out with me too. Between Brian, Gabe, and Andrew, I'll have 3/5 of the guys in my wedding party together in one city. I'm also stoked to connect with Lori Wilhite (and maybe her husband, Jud) as a Mayward ambassador for my wife, Katie, who was hoping to go to a pastor's wives lunch hosted by Lori. I get to be a pastor's wife for a day!
One week, then I'm off to California!