Thursday, April 9, 2009

My little man

It is amazing how much you can love someone that you haven't even met yet. I know very little about my little guy so far and yet I feel so connected to him. I know he loves to move and has a hard time finding a comfortable position (at least this is what I imagine he is doing because his daddy does the same thing). I know that he especially likes sugar and that mid morning is his favorite time to be up and moving. I know that he is getting really strong in there because he often surprises me with how hard he can actually kick or punch.

So far the reality that I am already a mother has not completely set in. I love watching Joel talk to our little guy, he gets so excited to talk to his son and loves to just sit and play even though that simply means poking each other at the moment. And now my little guy has his uncle here to play with as well.

I am feeling pretty decent these days, I suppose my biggest complaint would be how tired I am. I am making sure to get plenty of naps in and I exercise almost every evening in hopes that this will boost my energy level. This is definitely a different season in my life. A much slower one than I am normally used to. I am trying to take advantage of the slowness and get rest and relaxation before the day comes when that will not be my biggest priority.

I still have yet to touch the baby's room yet, and now I am going to have to wait a little bit longer. My brother just moved in with us for a couple of weeks until we find him somewhere else to stay for the summer while he is interning with Joel. It is nice to have Andrew with us and he and Joel have a great time hanging out which makes me feel less guilty about being asleep a lot.

So this is the baby update, I am now halfway through 26 weeks so less than two more to go until I will be in my third trimester. I was also sure to include a baby bump update because I know those of you back home are anxious to see it!

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