Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Origins Project

After going to the labs at Catalyst West Coast, I joined the Origins Project Community. I'm still checking it out, and it seems like a great social networking site for sharing ideas about living out the Gospel in innovative ways. There are groups and forums and pictures and videos and even online chat.

You could call it a missional Facebook.

I'm not even quite sure what will come out of this network/community of like-minded folks, but I feel that it is a worthwhile endeavor. I walked away from Origins with a reignited passion to love people who don't know Jesus yet. I sat on my couch last night and nearly cried as I told Katie about how God was impressing on my heart to live out the Gospel as a family, especially thinking about our unborn son and praying that he would follow Jesus. I'm not entirely sure where this all is headed, but it's all connected somehow and I'm eager to see how God leads.

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