Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Preparations underway finally

I have been intending to post for at least a week now, but it seems that a lot of other things took priority. The last few weeks have been busy for a number of reasons, Joel has been busy with work and going to California twice and my mom and sister came down for a long weekend. The last few weeks have also been busy with baby preparations... finally. We now have a very large pile of everything baby in our room just waiting to find a home somewhere. We have had two showers for this little guy and made some important purchases on our own. Here are some of the things (with pictures) that we now have as we get ready for his entrance into this world.

Car seat: We went ahead and purchased this car seat last week and I am really excited about it. Yes, that is our teddy bear Jimmy trying it out.

Stroller: My mom and sister brought the stroller down this past weekend.

Glider: As my mom, sis and I were cruising around town looking for a dresser, we found this instead. It was a great deal at a local thrift store, and with a quick wipe down and washing of the cushions it is good to go.
Curtains: I had found a shower curtain with monkeys that I loved and decided that I wanted it to be the curtain in his room. With a lot of help from my mom, we turned this shower curtain into a real curtain. I love how colorful it is.

Clothes galore: We have definitely acquired a lot of clothes and we will hopefully be purchasing a dresser this weekend so that I will finally have a place to put them.

There are a few things we still need. Obviously you can see by my list that we don't have a place for him to sleep yet. My sister and brother in law will be driving the crib down in July. My dad has also found the cradle in storage that my sister, brother and I all slept in when we were little. We are hoping to be able to get that down here as well and use that for the first few months.

Just wanted to update you all. I will take another belly picture in the weeks to come. Our little guy is definitely growing by the day and so is my belly!


  1. Katie ... I had that exact glider! Let's pretend mine made it down to your local thrift store. I prayed lots of prayers in that chair. And spent lots of time rocking my babies in it.

    I hope you enjoy it ... you'll probably be using it a ton.

    And I love your curtain too. Very cute!

  2. LOVE IT!!

    I wish I could see it all, and of course you!!