Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surprise Volunteer Night Off

Last night, I surprised our volunteer junior high staff by giving them the night off. At the beginning of the evening, I called all the staff up on stage and the students gave them a hearty round of applause. They were sent off with Gus the Intern to the Cheesecake Factory for some dessert and fellowship, all expenses paid. I remained with the students along with two other interns to minister to the students. It was chaotic for me, but all worth honoring the staff!

Volunteers often give so much and lead such busy lives that a surprise 90 minutes of relaxation and space can be a huge blessing. I appreciate and love our staff so much! They make a huge impact in the lives of students in the name of Jesus, and I love doing ministry alongside them.

But Cheesecake Factory is quite yummy. Don't know how I'll ever top that one in the future!


  1. Can I come work for you? :)

    Sounds like you do a great job caring for your staff!!! I am sure they love you!

  2. Great, great idea! Thanks for sharing. I'm passing it on to others.