Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Books I'm Digesting

All of these are in various degrees of being finished.

Love Is an Orientation (Andrew Marin): A personal and enlightening book about building relational bridges between the GLBT community and evangelical Christianity. Filled with stories, practical insights, and obviously written with a heart of grace, this book is wrecking me.

The Lexus and The Olive Tree (Thomas L. Friedman): A contemporary classic about the concept of globalization. Since it's nearly 10 years old now, some of the technology and anecdotes feel quite out of date. This was written before wi-fi, texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Still, it has a lot of great ideas and Friedman is an excellent storyteller.

Speaking to Teenagers (Doug Fields, Duffy Robbins): I'm nearly finished, but so far it's been the most comprehensive and practical book about youth ministry communication I've ever read. Everything else I've ever read always seemed cheesy or just "hey, this worked for me, so I'll write a book about it." Wish I had this back in college. Combine this book with Andy Stanley's Communicating for a Change to have two great resources in your communication tool belt.

The Forgotten Ways (Alan Hirsch): Hirsch writes about the DNA of the missional church. At the end of each chapter, I've had to sit back and meditate and pray. Hirsch and I seem to share a deep passion to see the local church become all that Jesus intended it to be. This is an inspiring and challenging book about engaging with the mission of God in our world.

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