Sunday, May 3, 2009

Promotion Sunday

This Sunday marked a significant transition for many of our students. The ninth grade class is now in high school; the sixth grade class are now junior highers. New faces, awkward social moments, and a feeling that everyone is growing up. In a meeting with my junior high staff, we reflected on what God has been doing in students' lives this past school year. Many of the students have grown remarkably over the past months, both physically and spiritually. They aren't little kids any more; they're young adults. I still view the now-ninth grade class as tiny seventh graders that I first encountered when I came to Red Mountain (even though a few are nearly taller than me now).

It's these moments of transition that make me pause and reflect on the past while eagerly anticipating the future. It's the turn of a page into a new chapter, the transition scene in a film, or turning the corner in the road of life. Whatever metaphor you choose, it's cause for meditation and gratitude for what God has been doing all along in the lives of students. I'm gonna miss the ninth grade class (even though I'll see them all the time anyway), but I'm excited about the new seventh graders. There is so much potential packed into this moment that I don't want to miss it. We call it Promotion Sunday for a reason--it's the next step of the journey, an event that provides encouragement for further growth. It's a good day.

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