Thursday, May 21, 2009

Work baby shower

Yesterday my amazing co-workers threw a baby shower for me at work. It was decorated beautifully, kinda like a jungle and the food was so good. This little guy and I were also "showered" with many gifts including most of the monkey bedding and decorations for his room as well as a swing, baby bjorn and some clothes.

I really feel like at this point we have just about everything we will need for this little guy, partly because I am not sure how much more will fit into our house, at least until my brother moves out of the "nursery" in a little less than a month.

The third trimester so far has been draining. Though I am still sleeping remarkably well (I actually slept through my alarm this morning), I am still quite tired through out the day. I am having a harder time finding motivation to do much of anything these days even though I am trying to continue to be active. It is also very difficult for me to sit as much as I do at work all day, partly because this little guy has his head right in my ribs and seems absolutely content to stay that way. My doctor says it is okay if he stays breech until 36 weeks, but if he has not turned by then we are going to have to look at some other options. I am slowly trying to coax him into turning. If any of you have ideas of how to do this I would love to hear them.

We are also looking into buying a new camera before this big event happens. We have a digital camera now, but we are looking for something that is a little better quality. This is especially important for us because of all the family and friends that live so far away and will be depending on pictures for the first few months. Do any of you have suggestions for a nice camera? I am not positive what our price range is, but we are looking for ideas.


  1. Great shower Katie. So glad you got so many wonderful things!

    I have a Nikon D 80. It is pricy ... Jud gave it to me for Christmas. But the quality is astounding. I can literally see my reflection sometimes in my kids eyes. Now that is good quality ... and a little creepy if blown up. :)

  2. I would try threatening the little guy with a spanking when he comes out if he doesn't turn? You start a firm hand of discipline early in life...


    Obviously kidding. I have heard from people that have had the doctor attempt to turn the labor before labor to avoid c-section is a painful process. But heck, I have no doubt that c-section is painful as well. =) Will pray that no matter what position he ends up that you will have peace and your labor will go smoothly. Hang in there Friend!

  3. Hey, first I have a Canon Digital. It is one of the basic power-shots, but it's been amazing in quality. And it's pretty low priced compared to some others.

    Second, I need your address again...I have misplaced it.

    I am so excited for you!!!!

  4. I agree with the Nikon. We have a D40 and love it. Pricey though...