Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brueggemann and Scripts

My friend and our new college director, Kyle, pointed me to this older video from theologian Walter Brueggemann. He casually throws out 19 brilliant theses about culture, Scripture, and living out scripts in our lives. He speaks of a cultural script we've all been unconsciously handed, then how to embrace an alternative script found in the Biblical narrative. Here are the first three theses:

1. Everybody lives by a script. The script may be implicit or explicit. It may be recognized or unrecognized, but everybody has a script.

2. We get scripted. All of us get scripted through the process of nurture and formation and socialization, and it happens to us without our knowing it.

3. The dominant scripting in our society is a script of technological, therapeutic, consumer militarism that socializes us all, liberal and conservative.

Watch the video for more. He goes on to say that the task of ministry is to de-script the first script from our lives and articulate the alternative Biblical script in everything we do. The phrase "technological therapeutic consumer militarism" is simply profound. The only script that brings us meaning and life is the script God revealed to us through Jesus and Scripture.

Is this what theologians and philosophers do all day? Do they just sit around and think up brilliant stuff to casually toss into conversations or the footnote of a book? And where do I sign up for that job?

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