Monday, June 1, 2009

A Mayward Engagement

This past weekend, my little sister got engaged. It's a bit surreal; I feel like she's still too young, but she's definitely a year older than I was when I got married. Guess she'll always be my little sister! Liz is marrying Jesse, a mutual friend from my stomping grounds of Tacoma, WA. Jesse is a good guy who is passionate about Jesus and youth ministry. Soon there will be one less Mayward as Liz becomes a Duckett. Congrats to them both!


  1. Thanks Joel! You are right, I will always be your little sis. But, that's ok. Love you!

  2. Ah but we are also about to add a Mayward and this little guy will be a Mayward for his whole life, so it probably balances out =)

  3. Katie! Your so right! :) We have some exiting months ahead of us! :)