Monday, June 8, 2009

Our mini vacation!

Joel and I at Coronado Island

I have been looking forward to this mini vacation for a long time and I am so glad that we did whatever it took to make it happen because it was so worth it. Joel and I drove to San Diego on Friday and got all checked into our hotel and then pretty much crashed for the night. Saturday morning we woke up and headed out for the day. We did some shopping, walking on the beach (La Jolla), eating some frozen yogurt and then meeting up with some great friends for dinner in Little Italy and then hit up Coronado Island. Here are some pictures of our weekend in San Diego. The Sevrens and Maywards on Coronado Island

On Sunday morning Joel and I got all packed up and ready to head toward Big Bear. We got to camp and got settled into our room (which by the way is very sweet and I truly appreciate it since comfort is hard to come by these days, my husband always takes good care of me!) Joel jumped in with both feet on the last minute work he has to do before the kids arrive (while I took a nap) and then we went in search of dinner. What did we end up with? Cereal, bananas, yogurt, and chips. I absolutely hate fast food and I had already eaten too much of it this past weekend, so we decided instead of hitting up the few local fast food joints they have (pretty much the only food Big Bear has to offer) we would go to the grocery store. We then went to Blockbuster where we got ourselves a movie to watch. Overall a great weekend! Now the real fun begins, the kids start arriving in just a few hours!

The lobby of our hotel in San Diego, it was pretty sweet.

Joel hard at work!

Our dinner!

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  1. so glad you guys got away to enjoy SD!! love the pictures- you look refreshed =)