Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick Camp update

So I thought I would write a quick update on how camp is going so far. I don't have any pictures, though we have taken a few videos, I just don't have the camera on me. Camp is definitely in full swing now and after taking the first two days to really get some of the kinks worked out everything is flowing pretty smoothly here. The kids are having a blast and our staff seem to be holding up so far. There are so many people here, which is overwhelming at times, but also so encouraging. We were a little worried that with the "economy" and all that parents would not be able to send their kids to camp. We are so excited that the kids were still able to come despite the cost and the hard times that many families are facing.

Joel and I are doing well. Joel is feeling a little rundown today. This is definitely not a surprise considering every retreat or camp that we go on at about the halfway mark he usually gets a cold. So as usual I run out to the nearest store and buy everything I can in hopes that it helps. So he is now loaded up with medicine, OJ, tissue etc. If you think about it send up a quick prayer that he can get some rest and kick this thing soon.

I am feeling pretty good. Definitely feeling the affects of being 35 weeks pregnant, being at over 6000 feet elevation and having a little boy that enjoys nuzzling his rear end right into my ribs/lungs. This combination makes it really difficult to breathe at times as I am hiking up and down the hills to get to the chapel or the dining hall. I have gotten to get some good rest though and just have to remember to pace myself. I am learning that my role in youth ministry and camps/retreats is changing. It is definitely not the same as when I was 19 years old, full of energy and time and had fewer responsibilities. I am kinda looking at this year as preparation for what next year at camp will be like. I will have an almost one year old little boy and my main priority will be taking care of him. So it has been good to take some times of rest and time to relax and remind myself that I should not feel guilty for taking these times because that is what my baby needs.

It is funny to hear the responses of people around the camp when they find out that I am 35 weeks. Obviously the main comment is that I don't look like I am just 5 weeks from my due date. The next response is that they cannot believe that I am here and that my doctor let me come. The good news is that I have been feeling good and no signs of contractions at all. We are hoping that it stays this way until at least Sunday when we are back home in Mesa. As of Monday I will be 36 weeks and fine if this little guy decides to make his appearance in the next few weeks.

Well I need to run. I am going to try and get some work done before my energy level fades again and I head towards a nap!

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