Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Randomness

An optical illusion that seriously messes with your brain. In the spiral below, you see spirals of green, pink, orange, and blue, correct?

Well, it turns out that the green and blue spirals are actually the exact same color. From the Discover blog:
The reason they look different colors is because our brain judges the color of an object by comparing it to surrounding colors. In this case, the stripes are not continuous as they appear at first glance. The orange stripes don’t go through the "blue" spiral, and the magenta ones don’t go through the "green" one.
Two thoughts about this: first, we can't always trust our initial view of things, even if they seem completely obvious. We can't be satisfied with apathy; we have to be willing to go deeper with our answers to questions and ideas. Second, our views are directly affected by our surrounding context. We see green when the spiral is next to orange; we see blue when it's next to pink. I wonder how context affects our views of the people around us, the texts we read, the art we created, the values we embrace or ignore. Only when those ideas/people are brought up against a new context or surrounding do we begin to get a better view of reality.

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