Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yay for Cali!

Tomorrow morning Joel and I are leaving for summer camp, well summer camp by way of San Diego. We both have felt the stress and strain of not having had any type of vacation this past year and therefore wished to get in a quick trip before our little guy makes his appearance in just a little over a month.

So we will be in San Diego tomorrow through Sunday enjoying the beach (though it is only supposed to be in the mid 60's) and spending time with some friends from college. My good friend Erin and her husband Clint live just north of San Diego and we have not seen them in probably two years. Erin and I spent many late nights together my final year at Multnomah as we talked about both of our upcoming marriages and walked through the tough process of being engaged and planning weddings. I am so excited to see her again and get a glimpse of her life in Cali.

We are also hoping that this will be a somewhat restful time, at least as restful as possible for the weekend before the biggest Junior High event of the year. Joel has been working so hard and I really hope that he will just be able to spend a few days relaxing before the craziness begins.

Some of you may be wondering about my sanity in taking a 6+ hour drive out of state at almost 35 weeks pregnant. But I am not at all concerned actually. I think this little guy is here to stay for awhile, I saw my doctor on Tuesday and she gave me the final go ahead. He is so far up in my ribs right now that I am pretty sure nothing is going to get him down for at least a few weeks. Plus, I have checked with my insurance and found hospitals all along our route that are covered. My doctor gave me things to look for and signs that mean I should head towards Labor and Delivery. The hardest part might be staying comfortable during the long drives, but hopefully our new car will help with that. Sorry the picture is not great, I took it with my phone.

I wouldn't miss summer camp for the world! It is important to Joel that I am there and I love spending a week in the mountains of Cali with a ridiculously large group of Junior Highers! If you think about it, pray for stamina for Joel and wisdom for me so I know when I should just rest. I will be working from camp, not a full week but some hours, probably mostly during Rec time when I will obviously not be participating. We will probably update a few times from camp so keep checking in to see all the craziness and fun we will be having!


  1. Sounds like a blast! Give Erin a hug for me! :)

    I will def. be praying!!! Sounds like you guys will have a great time!

  2. So excited for you guys- for your mini vacation and for camp! I look forward to pictures and all the stories that go with them. Know that we will be praying! :)