Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Copeland's Birth Story

A few people have asked about the details in Copeland's birth, so I thought I would take a few moments to write them up, especially while I still remember them. So here goes.

To accurately tell this story, I have to start with last Tuesday. Last Tuesday evening I was sitting on my couch when all of a sudden I felt this pop and then a gush. Well I immediately got excited because I thought that it was my water breaking. Well when I go to the bathroom I made the scary realization that it was not my water by instead a scary amount of blood. To make a long story short, after calling the on-call doc and heading to the nearest hospital (not the hospital I was planning on delivering in) we got most of our fears relieved. Our little guy was ok, but there was no explanation for the bleeding even after a barrage of tests. They sent us home late that night and told me to take it easy.

Sunday night, I was again sitting on my couch when I once again felt that pop and gush. This time I prepared myself for the worst and knew what I would find when I got to the bathroom. We once again called the on-call doc and started heading toward the hospital (this time the one I was going to deliver in), even though I was not having contractions or anything like that. Upon our arrival I started having some of my first contractions and according to the monitor they were on average three minutes apart and remained steady for the few hours they monitored me and were getting more painful and close together all the time. I was still continuing to lose a lot of blood and they could not figure out why even though they ran a ton more tests. After only dilating 3 cm in about 3 hours and the continued scary amount of blood loss, we were told that they wanted to break my water to help me deliver faster. This plan lasted for about a half an hour until I once again had a crazy amount of blood loss and it was decided at that point that we needed to do a c-section because they thought there might be a tear in my placenta even though they could not see it on the ultrasound.

So I was quickly rushed into the OR for the c-section and very quickly heard my little guy scream, which was the most amazing sound. After they went ahead and looked at the placenta they found what they think was the cause of the bleeding. It was a tear and it was located in a place that it couldn't have been seen on the ultrasound. If I had gone ahead and tried to labor, it probably would have continued to tear and cause more and ultimately dangerous bleeding.

So in the end it was not the delivery that I was planning or wanting. But when all was said and done I was so glad we agreed to the c-section and fast because it meant that Copeland is safe and healthy as am I and that is the most important. We are so thankful that God kept our little boy safe and healthy.

So now I am recovering and all of you mom's that have had c-sections I now feel your pain, literally. I honestly have never felt a pain like this before. Now I have nothing to compare it to as obviously I have not experienced a vaginal birth, but man, I have hopes that one day I will feel normal again.


  1. Hey Katie! Sounds like quite an eventful birth - I'm glad that you and Copeland made it through in great shape. I'm sure thinking about more kids is the farthest thing from your mind right now, but if you want info about cesarean recovery and VBAC preparation (when you're ready for another baby) the International Cesarean Awareness Network is a great resource. Their website is www.ican-online.org. The CS rate in the US is way higher than what the World Health Organization recommends for best outcomes, but it's obvious that yours was one of the necessary ones. I wish you a quick and healthy recovery, and a glorious babymoon! Oh - and if you guys are breastfeeding, www.kellymom.com was my favorite resource when I was first starting out. It can be a challenge trying to nurse while recovering from a CS (I know from experience) - but it can be done if it's what you want.


  2. Glad to hear all is well Katie. I know all about c-sections girl! I think I'm a pro...Haha! So yell if you need anything at all! Otherwise best advice is take it easy and listen to your body! Congrats on that sweet baby boy....he is beautiful!

  3. I am so glad to hear that all is well with you and baby Copeland!!

  4. Liked hearing the story from your perspective.... It seems to me as I go through more of life that births/labors are rarely what we expect them to be =) I'm so glad Copeland is healthy and that you are too. Oh, you will feel normal again someday... =) Love you guys and congrats once again!