Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Impressions Count

Are the above pictures from a trip to the DMV?

Nope. It's our first trip to a pediatrician. Welcome to the least kid-friendly pediatrics office ever. A bland and confined waiting, dirty white walls in the patient rooms, a doctor repeatedly and publicly dropping the f-word in Spanish, unresponsive and impersonal nurses, a 30+ minute wait for a 2-minute checkup where the doctor didn't even introduce herself, and improper paperwork after being sent to the lab.

We weren't impressed. (Did I mention the incredibly dirty walls in the patients room?). We will not be going back, and we'd highly recommend avoiding their office.

First impressions actually do matter. If the medium is the message, what was the message being sent by this pediatrics office? We're unprofessional. We're disorganized. We don't understand children. We don't want to be here and we'd prefer you weren't here either.

This doesn't just apply to pediatrics. This applies to churches, to businesses, and to our relationships with people. If the first impression you give is mediocre, people might give you grace over time if you turn out to be okay. If the first impression is overly traumatic, you might never get a second chance, and maybe you don't deserve one. As a Christian, I pray that my demeanor and character give others a good first impression of Jesus.

Make the first impression count in everything. It might be the only chance you get with someone.


  1. Wow. Good for you guys for not going back to that place!

    And great food for thought.