Friday, July 3, 2009

Hopefully my last update without him.

Well, I thought since I am getting pretty close to the end of this pregnancy and the day I get to meet my little guy, I should write at least one more update. This might be the last bump picture I take, at least I am hoping so. The last few weeks have been interesting to say the least. I am not even sure that I can explain it. It is a combination of being anxious to get to the end of this and yet at the same time recognizing that I should enjoy these last few days before my life changes forever.

Our little guy seems content to stay in there for awhile. I am pretty sure he will make his arrival pretty darn close to his due date of the 13th. I even went on a run today hoping that would help convince him it is time to join this world. But no such luck. I have yet to have a contraction and it seems he has still not dropped. So my patience is definitely being tested. But I am trying to get as much rest as possible and to keep as comfortable as I can.

I also wanted to post a picture of what the baby's room is looking like so far. The crib won't be here until next week when my sister and brother in law drive it down, but we did move some stuff into the room. I also painted some wooden letters of our son's name and put them up on the wall, but the picture of that will have to wait =).

Well, I guess that is the update for now. We will let you know when our little guy is here and be sure to post pictures, so stay tuned for hopefully some exciting news here soon.


  1. wow!!!!
    It is right around the corner...i am so excited for you and joel and CANNOT wait to meet this little guy! and dont worry about not having contractions yet...i didnt have ANY until the day before London's arrival.

  2. Thanks Adrienne, that is what Rilie said too. She said until the day she went into labor with Ivy she had had none. This gives me hope, because the doctor keeps asking if I have had any contractions and I wish my answer was yes, but it never is.

  3. you look great for being almost 39 weeks! I have to say to those who didn't have a lick of contractions until the day before or of their delivery are very lucky! With both Brynn and Owen I was having contractions a whole month to two months before they were born a little over a week after my due date (Brynn induced and Owen c-section). They were painful and long with little to none progress. If this helps any be thankful in a way that you aren't having contractions so you don't have hopes of any day now because you are having contractions :) But I can't wait to meet him and I am praying for you.

  4. Yay!! The room is super cute, which does not surprise me one bit!!

    Watch your mail box! :)