Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Love the Sojourner

A family in our church has befriended a refugee family from Iraq. The Iraqi trio lives in a tiny apartment in Phoenix, but this awesome family is making the effort to spend time with them, teach them English, and help the father find a job. I met the son today at our basketball camp; he's shy but has a wide smile and an air of excitement about him.

Another couple we know here in Arizona have befriended some graduate students from India who attend Arizona State University. These students have traveled across the entire world and jumped into a completely different culture, far away from their families and friends. We've celebrated Easter and Thanksgiving dinner with them. It's incredible to hear their stories and learn about one another's cultures.

This is what it means to love the sojourner, to take care of the marginalized who are living in a strange land. Missions shouldn't be something that professionals do overseas. Living missionally and loving people of different cultures should be an everyday practice for followers of Jesus. It just takes gracious intentionality to love the sojourners among us.

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