Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ordinary Miracle

We had a brief scary moment this week with our little unborn kiddo (don't worry, everything is fine, and both he and Katie are healthy). I was reminded of the incredible magnitude of pregnancy, that God gives us the ability to create a human life. For a tiny moment, I was deeply aware of how fragile that life is and how much it would hurt to lose it. Everything in this pregnancy has been nearly textbook, with zero complications or surprises. This one scary moment shook my world and reminded me of the significance of human life.

Every day, thousands of people--if not millions--are born, given the gift of life through being formed inside their mother's womb. This is an ordinary occurrence that is borderline mundane (especially for labor and delivery nurses, who have probably seen it all). We all did it once. It happens all the time. Yet the fact that we can create a human life, a soul, a breathing human being bearing the image of God, and we really don't have to do much about it except let it happen...that's a miracle.

The life of my son is an ordinary event that has extraordinary potential. It's a miracle that I get to be a part of it.


  1. Glad to hear that everyone is okay. Scary.

  2. well said...that made me cry!

    i remember being so anxious before i heard felicity's heartbeat for the 1st time...then months of taking for granted what an amazing thing was happening inside my body.

    now that she's here, i realize how thankful and blessed i am as a parent to have a healthy baby...

    ...and yes, it truly is an amazing miracle...

    thanks for taking the time to write this post! it's really neat to hear from the dad's perspective...i can tell you've already got a heart full of love for your baby boy :o]