Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Randomness

Quirky stuff from Copeland's birth story that you probably didn't know:

-We intended to have music playing in the room when Copeland was born, specifically from his namesake. Due to the sudden c-section, he was born with the doctors listening to the radio in the O.R. The song playing while he was born: Katy Perry - Hot N Cold.

-A few hours after Copeland was born, I began to experience a terrible pain groin. Chills, blood in my urine, mild nausea, and a terrible headache led me to walk to the emergency room at our hospital. Turns out I got a urinary tract infection. You might be thinking, "only girls get those." You would be wrong. Girls and me. Thank God for antibiotics.

-The day after coming home from the hospital, I received a call from the Maricopa County Health Dept. Turns out my urinary tract infection was partly due to a bacteria I had contracted called vibrio cholerae. It causes cholera (which kills people) and it happens to maybe only or or two people in Arizona each year. It comes from exposure to bacteria living in fresh water, like getting lake water in a cut or eating raw seafood. So in one month, I've had swine flu and a rare deadly bacteria. Lucky me.

-The cute picture above was taken about one second before my son relieved himself all over me. Probably why he looks so peaceful.

-He can almost roll over already and is incredibly strong for a newborn. We arm wrestled and he beat me, best two out of three.

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  1. That's a great photo. Especially knowing what's coming next! :)