Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two Mayward Blogs

As we've had kind of a big event happen in our life--the birth of our son--we've decided there is just too much Mayward to be confined to one blog.

Thus, Viva la Mayward. Our new blog will be at The Mayward Blog will continue to focus on thoughts from me (Joel) about film, youth ministry, culture, and life. Viva la Mayward will focus on the personal lives of the Mayward trio, including lots of pictures, videos, and the everyday happenings of our story.

Right now, we posted some great recent pictures of our little family located in the "Pictures" section of Viva la Mayward, so you'll definitely want to check those out. Thanks to Amanda, our awesome sister-in-law and photographer extraordinaire!

There will be a bit of overlap between the two blogs, so if you want a full dose of all things Mayward, you should subscribe to both of our RSS feeds. Thanks for following our story!

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