Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Books I'm Digesting

Knowing Christ Today (Dallas Willard): One of my favorite authors, Willard's latest book is about how we can trust in knowledge of God. Practical, thought-provoking, and quite philosophical, this is a timely book that is quite different than any of Willard's previous writings. Willard is combating the concept that we can't really know if God exists or not. He dives deep into different forms of knowledge and the history behind these relatively recent ideas. Chapter four is worth the price of the book, explaining how we can trust that there is the logical possibility of a spiritual realm and a spiritual Creator. Willard is a genius. I may name my next son "Dallas Willard Mayward."

Evangelism Remixed (Dave Rahn and Terry Linhart): I purchased this because we're doing a 5-week series on evangelism and the Gospel with the junior high students this fall season. I'll admit, I only read half and skimmed half. What I did read was information I already knew: evangelism isn't an adult-led program, nor is it leaving students on their own. It's not a sales pitch or a four-point sermon. Christlike adults need to intentionally mentor and model how to share the Gospel and be in constant prayer for students. That sums up the entire book. I'll admit, I was underwhelmed (which probably led to the skimming) but it's still a solid book for basic evangelism training.

ESV Study Bible: My incredible mother-in-law purchased this for me when she was here on a recent visit. It's one of the best gifts ever. This thing is chock full of incredible resources, including a brief systematic theology, various articles on the Bible and faith issues, maps, and tons of study notes. It's been helpful in my daily study and sermon prep, and I'm beginning to like the ESV more and more.

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