Monday, August 10, 2009

God as Father

When I got married about three years ago, the concept of the church as the bride of Christ became utterly clear. Sure, I had read the Scripture passages and studied the idea. But while it could be explained to me, experiencing the deep love I have for my bride revealed something deeper about how God views His Bride. I knew it before in theory, but finally had experienced it for myself.

Now as a father, I am beginning to learn anew a concept I have always known: God as Father. It's no mistake that God reveals Himself as Father throughout Scripture, even going so far as to call His followers His children. Many people have noted how this might not have been the best way for God to reveal Himself, mostly due to the large number of crappy fathers throughout history. Why would God choose to associate Himself with a familial role that often involves abuse, abandonment, or aloofness?

Yet as I look at Copeland stirring next to me in his sleep, making strange noises under his breath as he squirms in reaction to his infant dreams, I'm convinced that God made the right call. Copeland is a reflection of me; he contains my genetic thumbprint, yet with his own unique gifts and flaws. At the moment, he offers nearly nothing to me apart from inconvenience (lack of sleep, puked on clothes, the sweet smell of baby poo in my bedroom, etc.). He does some of the dumbest things I've ever seen, such as choosing to push away a bottle of milk in favor of chewing on his own hand, or yanking on his hair until he screams, yet refusing to loosen his grip until I pry his hands off his scalp.

But I don't care about the inconvenience or his current lack of ingenuity. I love him. I love him. Absolutely, unconditionally, and with a deep fervor that I didn't even understand could be possible. I will do anything for his well-being and only have his best interests at heart, even if he can't understand my actions right now. He will make choices that hurt himself; he will make further choices that hurt me. And I'll still choose to love him, because he is my child and I am his father.

That's why God reveals Himself as Father, because that's how God sees you and me.

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  1. This is my favorite thing about parenting, the fact that God shows us His love for us by demonstrating how much we love our children. He is so amazing in His display for us and it shows in every detail, even down to the toenail of a little baby (or a car crashed by your teenager, oh thats later for you), He really is the best Father.