Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Big Story

James Choung offers a new vision of the "four spiritual laws" for our sharing the Gospel with our culture. It has stick figures. :) I'll be using this as part of an evangelism series with our junior high students. What do you think?


  1. I had a major problem with the video after watching it. I feel like the idea that Jesus is our tool to bring about change in the world minimizes Jesus to simply being an add-on to our humanistic way of thinking. We think that when humans work together we can fix any problem and this simply mixes this gospel of humanism with the gospel of God. He is saying that we can't quite fix all the problems by ourselves so we need this little addition. The part of the video that seemed to come across this way was near the end when he said: "we need to use Jesus' resources to become the kind of good we want to see on the planet". Also, I think it is so difficult to talk about the kingdom of God that is here (as in this video) but at the same time talk about the kingdom of God that is to come (ie the new heaven and new earth). It is such a difficult balance to maintain.

  2. Victor, you've hit on some key issues in his explanation, especially the "resources" wording. However, I think the diagram itself and its holistic approach to the Gospel as narrative instead of transaction is still valuable in spite of Choung's wording. It's focused on God redeeming all of creation and our entering into His kingdom community both here and in the future, not just a quick prayer to get saved.