Monday, October 19, 2009

Christian Discernment and Film

This post from Kara Powell at the Fuller Youth Institute about a talk from Bill Romanowski is right up my alley. Some of Romanowski's thoughts:

“To better target church groups, a leading Hollywood marketing firm conducted research and curiously found religious and nonreligious people indistinguishable when it came to watching movies. In fact, the religious folks seem to have a penchant for the sentimental, the melodramatic, and the violent, which puts them pretty much in the mainstream of American taste in entertainment.”

“Film studios hired religious marketing consultants ‘to scan their family-friendly scripts for objectionable content and to devise marketing plans to reach the Christian audience.’ Perhaps Time film critic Richard Corliss got it right: ‘Hollywood doesn’t necessarily want to make Christian movies,’ he wrote. ‘It wants to make movies Christians think are Christian.’”

How are Christians doing at discerning the implicit cultural messages in films? Do we love the same films the world loves? Should our motives be different than the mainstream for watching films?

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