Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Numbers Matter in Ministry

Because those numbers are people. And people matter.

Recent example: On our way back from a youth group road trip to California, we had a few empty seats on my tour bus. I knew that a few students had been picked up early from the hotel, and one girl had gone home early due to illness, and there were a few kids in the aisle, so counting a few extra empty seats didn't seem to matter. We drove off.

An hour later, I got a text message asking if we had three high school guys missing from our bus.

We had left them behind. They had missed the bus due to sleeping in, and I had miscounted empty seats vs. students present. (Thankfully they had an adult leader with them--we forgot a leader!--and we had an extra car to go pick them up. Emergency avoided.)

Miscounting wasn't my only mistake. Leaving these guys behind communicates "you're not on anyone's relational radar." It was a wake up call that I didn't have much of a relationship with them.

Numbers matter because relationships matter. And I'll never miscount again.


  1. hahaha!

    Double head counts every time, man. Every time.

  2. Ryan, haha, I know. I was in the middle of my second head count when the other bus left...so we just followed 'em! My bad.