Friday, October 9, 2009

Rest and Growing Up

Yeah, that normal blogging thing I mentioned in the last post didn't happen. Having my first child and buying my first house in a matter of about two months means I am exhausted in every way you can be: physically, emotionally, relationally, spiritually, and any other "-ly" I haven't thought of yet.

Yet it's during these seasons of busyness and stress that require me to be intentional about finding rest. I've taken time away from blogging to pray, to reflect, to read, to hang out with my family, and to rest. It's been difficult to find a life rhythm over the past few weeks, and there are a number of issues in ministry, friendship, and family that call for my attention.

So I'll try to be back to blogging regularly by Monday (there are a few movies waiting for me to review 'em), but I won't promise anything. I'm a parent and a homeowner now; I'm still figuring this whole "growing up" thing out.

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