Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Consumerism: The Musical

Found this video while looking for examples of consumerism online. I'm talking about the religion of consumerism with the junior highers this Sunday for Advent Conspiracy. Not sure if I'll show this video to them, but it's worth watching all the same. (RSS readers, click through to watch the video).


  1. there is something ironic about a culture that produces shiny videos that mock the acquisition of shiny things.

  2. Alaina, that was my thought too, which is why I likely won't show this to the students. Having them passively consume a video about consumerism seems like a mixed message.

    Yet that brings up the question, how does one communicate in a way that is completely non-consumeristic? Is that even possible? I remember reading an Out of Ur post on Skye Jethani's "The Divine Commodity" and having people write critical comments that Skye was promoting his anti-consumerism in a consumeristic way. Still not sure what I think on that one.

  3. *knew Brian would enjoy this video because it had "The Musical" at the end of it*

  4. Cameron:

    Hey, man, ever since Joss Whedon gave us the musical episode of Buffy and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog...yes, I love musicals. They rock.