Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Giving Well(s) at Christmas

Yeah it's November. But Christmas decorations are already in stores, and television ads are already reminding you to empty your bank accounts in order to buy more stuff this holiday season. But what if we reclaimed the season of Christmas in the name of Jesus, choosing to spend less on stuff and give more of ourselves to the people around us?

We're participating in Advent Conspiracy as a junior high youth group by raising funds to build a well in Uganda through Know.Think.Act, an online community designed to connect people to the needs of the impoverished world in Uganda and Kenya. Know.Think.Act. is an initiative of Global Support Mission. I love GSM because they tell their story well and are incredibly relational in their approach. This isn't about throwing money at another charity; this is about intentionally building relationships between communities through compassion and service. The students will record and share their story using picture, video, and writing, sending the community in Uganda not only our funds, but our love.

Here's a picture of what we'll be doing as a junior high group:

Know.Think.Act. Well Video from Global Support Mission on Vimeo.

The kingdom of God is breaking through in both Uganda and Mesa. If you want to join us in raising support for this well and Know.Think.Act., email me at jmayward@rmccchurch.org, or sign up for Know.Think.Act. by clicking here.

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