Thursday, November 19, 2009

McCarthy and Fatherhood

The Washington Street Journal has a fascinating interview with one of my favorite authors, Cormac McCarthy on writing, filmmaking, and the end of the world. On fatherhood and morality:
I don't think goodness is something that you learn. If you're left adrift in the world to learn goodness from it, you would be in trouble. But people tell me from time to time that my son John is just a wonderful kid. I tell people that he is so morally superior to me that I feel foolish correcting him about things, but I've got to do something--I'm his father. There's not much you can do to try to make a child into something that he's not. But whatever he is, you can sure destroy it. Just be mean and cruel and you can destroy the best person.
The film version of McCarthy's Pulitzer winner, The Road, comes out next week. I'm reading the book for the second time through the eyes of fatherhood.

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