Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sin Pisses Me Off

I've recently been angered by the presence of sin in people's lives around me, people I know well and people I've never met. It's not just frustration, it's downright anger with the sin. I want to punch the sin in the face. It's troubling to see sin creep in and destroy people with its isolation and pride and blindness to the truth and love of God.

Because that's what sin does--it destroys. The book of James says that sin leads to death; physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual.

It kills trust, kills peace, kills authenticity, kills integrity. I'm seeing it in people's lives and feeling the weight of my own sin in my heart. Whether it's just one word spoken out of selfish pride or whether it's a huge fall from grace, sin breaks apart relationships and hurts the Body of Christ. It may start with isolation, but it never just hurts the sinner; sin has far-reaching implications in the context of community.

I am beginning to understand Jesus' anger with the sin around him, the anger that gets him to the point of calling people serpents or tossing tables.

Which leads me to the truth of the Gospel: Jesus has beaten sin and death. Jesus restores trust, restores peace, fosters authentic transformation, makes integrity possible, and does it all through love and grace and sacrifice. Which means even though sin can damage relationships, it can never kill hope.

There's always hope of restoration and reconciliation through Christ. And that keeps me from getting too pissed off.

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