Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Conspiracy Update

I blogged about our junior higher's commitment to raising funds this Christmas to build a well for a community in Uganda for Advent Conspiracy. I've gotta brag on them for a moment and share some of their stories from this past month.
  • A group of seventh grade girls hosted a bake sale during a neighborhood yard sale and raised over $150 by selling cookies and muffins.
  • One student who gets allowance from his parents for doing household chores is committed to getting them all done for the next two months so he can give his entire allowance.
  • A group of ninth grade girls are organizing their own car wash to raise funds.
  • A student gave a $250 check of her own money she won from a gymnastics competition. She sheepishly handed me the check after youth group, not wanting to draw attention to herself.
  • We've raised over $700 so far, halfway to the $1400 to build a shallow well through Know.Think.Act.
I'm so proud of these students! God has really been stirring in a number of their hearts to fully worship Jesus by spending less and giving more so that people in need would experience Christ's love. Not only are they learning generosity, they are growing relationally. Glimpses of true divine community are breaking through, a unity amongst them that can only stem from Christ. Praise God for what He's doing and will continue to do during this advent season!

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