Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Intentional Goofing Off

As we go through Advent Conspiracy as a junior high group, part of the movement is to focus more on relationships than material gifts, to spend time with people instead of pursuing the consumption of more stuff. God sent Jesus so that we could be in relationship with Him; he is "God with us."

So we decided to take a morning to have fun, to goof off, to simply be together. This wasn't "Joel couldn't think of anything to do, so...uh...let's just hang out." It was intentional goofing off. Students played games, ate donuts, sat around and talked, and laughed a lot, all because Jesus is with us and allows us to grow in relationship together.

Relationships require being present with one another with no other agenda. Plus, during a season where holiday stress and the pressure for finals at school can be overwhelming, why not take one hour to be refreshed by the church community?


  1. Good call. I remember skipping the service at Our Savior's occasionally to play pool or walk to Safeway, and I think when done in moderation it actually enhances the church experience.
    Well, either that or I just like getting out of listening to sermons. I dunno.
    Whatever. Good call, Joel.

  2. Haha, I remember walks to Safeway. I also remember dancing like an idiot in the parking lot with Joe Rutter instead of going to youth group one Sunday.

    And now I'm a pastor. Ironic.