Friday, December 18, 2009

Naming the Christmas Tree

It's a Mayward family tradition. We've named our tree every year since we've been married. Last year was Sherman. The year before, Winston. We can't remember the name of our first tree, though it may have had a Latin origin.

This year, the Mayward family tree shall be named:


(Not named after this guy) Copeland seems to like it.

What are your unique or fun Christmas traditions?


  1. Clearly named after Felix Leiter from the James Bond series.

    Are all Mayward Christmas trees going to have male names?

  2. I'm not sure, Cam. I suppose if we purchase a female Christmas tree, then we'll name her as such. ;)

  3. We've been naming our Christmas trees, Thanksgiving turkeys & cars for forever! Such fun. Especially when we have to get 5 of us to agree on the same name. We actually form alliances & such. This year its gonna be Duncan. Prior names include Kevin (Home Alone), Mitch (favorite cashier @ Bashas), Hoss (Bonanza), Little Joe (Jenna's first crush-Bonanza), Greenie (little kid phase), etc. etc.

    Another favorite is our Jesus tree. A tree with random ornaments that remind of Jesus . . playdough (He's the potter, we're the clay), Sheriffs badge (he protects us), kleenex (wipes our tears), etc. etc.

    When the kids were little, we'd end up at the park & have a birthday party for Jesus. Great fun since friends usually had new bikes, rollerblades, balls, etc. to play with.