Monday, January 11, 2010

Human Trafficking Awareness

From my wife's blog, Sponsor Impact:
Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. A day that we can share stories and faces so that these unspeakable acts and the evil people behind them cannot hide in the shadows for much longer. The biggest part of eradicating sex slavery in our country and in our world is exposing the fact that it is happening. Most people would be surprised at the amount of women and children that are victims caught up in this brutal underworld that spans countries and continents. Unfortunately, the United States is one of the fastest growing markets for child sex slaves, and the average age of these girls is 13.
That last statistic is simply appalling, and something we need to be aware of in the church and youth ministry world. Living in Phoenix, the kidnapping capital of the United States, we as the church have a call to justice and defending the defenseless.

Check out Branded, an initiative within Food for the Hungry that is working with the city of Phoenix and local churches to build a safe house for victims of the sex slave trade and pass legislation to bring human trafficking criminals to justice.

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