Saturday, January 2, 2010

Story as Resolution

I love Donald Miller's idea about creating a story instead of making goals for 2010.
I’ve discovered something better than resolutions. If you’ve read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, you know I’ve reorganized my life into stories rather than goals. I don’t have any problem with goals. I like goals and still set them. But without an overarching plot, goals don’t make sense and are hard to achieve. A story gives a goal a narrative context that forces you to engage and follow through. People who are in great shape and have their finances in order probably don’t set goals to be in good shape or get their finances in order. They probably set goals of running a marathon or paying off their house. In other words, they think in narrative rather than goals. The goals get met in the journey of the story.
I'm the guy who sets a New Year's Resolution, then promptly goes back to bad habits by February. Perhaps living out a story in 2010 offers a narrative framework for the kind of character I want to become and allows God to tell His story through my life.

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