Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tim Keller on "The Shack"

There is another modern text that sought to convey the character of God through story. It also tried to 'embody' the Biblical doctrine of God in an imaginative way that conveyed the heart of the Biblical message. That story contained a Christ-figure named Aslan. Unlike the author of The Shack,however, C.S. Lewis was always at pains to maintain the Biblical tension between the divine love and his overwhelming holiness and splendor.

Tim Keller is blogging and every post is a gem. Read his thoughts on William Young's "The Shack" here.


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  2. This blog post said it all for me. I agreed wholly with what he said , but I was not very eloquent with my words. Thanks for posting this Joel, I am always intrigued by your blog and thoughts....