Monday, February 1, 2010

Legacy over Comfort

Our lead pastor said some powerful words yesterday during a vision-casting sermon: that our church is about legacy, not comfort.

He then proceeded to unpack that statement by saying that he is blessed by the youth of our body, that this is not their church some day, but their church now. He exhorted us to not pursue personal comfort but to disciple and empower the younger generations. There are ministries that could not happen if the young people at Red Mountain were not serving.

It was a brief moment in the sermon, but one that left me honored. We're not a big flashy church with a trendy website or pastors with wardrobes from Buckle and Urban Outfitters. We are a church of ordinary people that truly values its young people, views them as full members of the body of Christ, and desires legacy over comfort. I'm proud to serve here. The pursuit of legacy over comfort seems to be something the apostle Paul took to heart, and one that I pray continues to define my life and our church community.

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